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The Six Principles Of

Naturopathic Medicine

The Six Principles Of

Naturopathic Medicine

Meet The Doctor

Dr. Watts

Dr. Maleigha Watts

Dr. Watts has been serving Northwest Ohio since 2011. Toledo Naturopathic offers a spectrum of care: for those that are seeking preventative care, to those with more complex health histories that require more advanced holistic care. Dr. Watts believes in investigating and addressing the root cause(s) to health concerns, in empowering patients to be engaged in their health and healing, and advocating for her patients by serving as a bridge between the holistic and traditional models of medicine.

Testimonials & Facebook

I appreciate the extra effort you give and how you make me feel comfortable, explain things more than once, and feel valued as a person.

Renee A.

You make sure you pull us out of the cracks we fall into with traditional medicine.  You make what feels like a no-win situation turn into a winnable situation.

Jennifer M.

I haven't felt this good in years and that's because of you!  I'm lucky to have you, and a doctor that respect you also, to work together.

Beth L.

The traditional system may have more flexibility, but it has been less helpful to me in recent years.  I appreciate your thoroughness and doing more for me than anyone has for my health.  I tell everyone that naturopathic care should be the new integral piece of primary care, women's health, and beyond.

Jessica B.

I have seen a handful of specialists over the last two years and you have been more invested and more helpful than all of them combined.  Grateful for you!

Heather N.

You have given me more hope than ANY of the 20+ doctors I've seen over the last 20 years.  Your work is DEFINITELY MORE THAN and above.  I've NEVER had someone take the time to read through every single past diagnosis, test, etc.  I leave every other doctors' office in tears.  When I leave yours, I feel nothing but hope and appreciation for your dedication and determination.  You are an angel.

Meg F.

You always have just the right nugget of wisdom and insight.  Your reputation is impeccable and your business has been founded on the exceptional care that you give each and every one of your patients.

Mercedes W.

There are a couple people in the world who, when I'm around them, make me want to be a better person.  You're one of those people.

Marilyn L.

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