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  • Nutrition

    We want all of our patients to appreciate and understand how they feel when they eat foods. Often times, making simple changes in nutrition can dramatically improve health.

    Botanical Medicine
    Botanical Medicine

    Botanical medicine comes in many shapes and sizes. Let us help you choose the best botanicals for your concerns.


    A non-toxic, non-invasive form of medicine that is safe for all ages. When used appropriately, homeopathy can help to stimulate the body's innate healing process.

    Nutritional Supplements
    Nutritional Supplements

    We believe vitamins and supplements should be used to help offset deficiencies or support the healing process as a whole. We discourage using them as "band-aids"; masking symptoms is simply not enough!

  • Hydrotherapy

    Using varied temperatures of water to support immune function and aid in lymph flow and detoxification. It's inexpensive, easy to learn, and can be done from the comfort of your home.

    Functional Testing
    Functional Testing

    Includes food sensitivity testing, stool analysis, salivary hormone and adrenal testing, and much more!


  • I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that I count you among my Thanksgiving Blessings. Of all the physician's I visited, you hit the nail on the head with the food allergies as being the cause of my longstanding rash and itching.
  • I just wanted to let you know that I am doing great! This diet and these vitamins have completely changed my life. I am going on super long walks (without a cane), and I can even do a daily workout.
    Multiple Sclerosis
  • You are awesome and totally rock. You have done more for me in a short time than any endo has done the last almost 19 years! Thank you!
  • I will never be able to put into words what Dr. Watts has done for me. Improved quality of life, improved mental health, improved physical health and so much more.
  • After visiting with 4 main stream doctors for my battle with hives it was suggested to me that I connect with Dr. Watts. I am so happy that I did just that. She spent time with both my husband and I talking thru what was triggering the hives.
  • Please feel free to leave any feedback or testimonials (if you are an established patient). If you are a patient, you do not need to leave your full name; initials are okay for confidentiality. I appreciate your input! Thank you.
    Dr Maleigha Watts
  • Working with Dr. Watts was a TREMENDOUS help to me to resolve digestion issues. She has a wealth of knowledge which she enjoys sharing and does so in a way that is caring, compassionate, and easy to understand.
  • I have had rheumatoid arthritis sense I was 34, I am now 62. Dr. Watts put me of a gluten free diet back in Feb.of 2011 to help reduce the inflammation. Granted it was very hard to follow at first
  • Following an acute cold and symptom of head congestion/difficulty hearing: "I felt *so* much better and my hearing was fully restored within 36 hours of my cold/hot feet treatments!
  • "When I originally came in I had lost hope, I thought that this was what getting older would be like. Now, it's easy to feel hope when I feel this good."
  • Since coming to see you a little over a month ago and following your recommendations I feel like my acid reflux/heartburn/swallowing issues are 95% resolved! Thank you so much for making me feel
  • Last Thursday night I woke up with a bad sore throat, I felt a chest cold coming on. I did wet socks on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night and didn't get sick! One happy pregnant mama here.
  • I am so grateful for your help and expertise! When I first came to your office I said I was tired of throwing a dart and hoping that was the solution. You have helped me aim most accurately, and for that, I am keeping a special place in my heart for you to remain.