What are the “game changers” that you have discovered for your health/well-being? In my own personal experience, I can think of 4 things:

  1. Finding out that eggs were making me incredibly sick (and feeling 100% better once we parted ways).🐣🍳
  2. Working with a life coach and a therapist. Helllooo trauma.👋 And also, goodbye. 👋
  3. Making homemade SCD yogurt. 💩
  4. Buying a portable Far Infrared Portable Sauna from Relax Sauna (cream.of.the.crop.portables) 🙌
The original silver relax far infrared sauna - a small cube tent, white with blue edges - is unzipped. You can see the blue inside and the chair inside the cube.

*This post contains an affiliate link. Any products I have an affiliate relationship with are ones I personally use and recommend. If I don’t believe in it, I won’t promote it.*

I’ve wanted one of these portable saunas for a long time but never bit the bullet. Back in May of this year I attended a Long COVID conference and I was hemming and hawing over getting one.

Kirkal, at first, looked at me sideways. “We’re gonna spend HOW much…on a…tent?”

But, we talked it over together. A world more toxic each day. We saw the community, first hand in East Palestine, shortly following the train derailment. Mold/mycotoxins and we live in the Black Swamp (that and all the antique shops I drag this poor man to). Toxic chemical soup, oh my.

We didn’t make the decision out of fear, but out of acceptance that this is the world we live in…we can’t hide from it We can do our best to limit and also to just…get that junk out of us.

So, we bought one. And we have sauna’d at least 4 out of 7 days of the week ever since. And repeatedly, you will hear us mutter in the midst of a glistening puddle, “best money we have ever spent.”

I wanted it to detox. And that it did. Whoa, sweating.

What I was NOT expecting, though, was the parasympathetic “rest and digest” that this little sauna would push me into after a 15 minute sesh. My lifelong anxiety started to melt away and the vicious cycle of the rat-race slowed down a while bunch. I started sleeping like I did when I was a teenager (sleeping fast and hard).

Do you know how many herbs, supplements, diet changes, I have tried for this? A lot. Do you know I contemplated prescriptions shortly before this? There’s no shame in needing the help or using a prescription, but I can honestly say the sauna saved me.

This is my 2 cents. I’ve wanted to share this for months but I didn’t want it to come off too “pitchy”. I believe in their product enough that I signed up as an affiliate…which I’ve now done all of twice (once with my trusty Luvele yogurt maker).

Do I now believe everyone should try to sauna at least once? Yep. Will everyone have this experience? Probably not.

But is every-single-person deserving of a “game changer”? You bet your tookus they are.